NIMSLO 3D Analogue Photography

2023 gp theImageFactory

The four-lensed Nimslo 35 mm 3D camera was introduced 1982. A camera providing images for producing 3D prints that could be viewed without 3D glasses. This lenticular system was as well often used for classic parallax stereograms.

Why should you still use film in the age of digital photography? Deceleration is the simple answer. By dealing with the old technology, the pictures get an added value.

In a way, my pictures are experiments with thematic content. The negatives are developed into classic stereo cards, stereograms, animated 3D and also lenticular images.

Reducing arte facts in the animations is some times a challenge. PhotoDemon, Triaxes3DMasterKit and ezgif.com are some of the software tools in the production chain.

Classic stereo card 7x3,5 in

Sculptures from the World of Work

Every Day People: Art in the Cityscape

At the Racecourse