Captain Scarlet - 3D Tabletop Photography using Webcam and RPi

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space capsule
Oldtimer Morgan
zeppelin landed
White and Scarlet driving Morgan
Relaxing at the beach

Morgan Plus 8 is a 1930s style sports car. Colonel White and Captain scarlet use it for a ride just for fun.

The car used for photographing is scale 1:16, the figures of White and Scarlet are approx 8.5 cm. Not very comfortable inside the cockpit.

Scarlet and Destiny are on holidays at the beach. But even on standby to defence the world against the mysterons.

space ship
Another nice day
Computer service
mission Moon
Angel Interceptor Jet Fighters

It's another nice day in paradise. Why going to work and not enjoy your life?

There is no need for particular computer experts. Captain Black and Captain Scarlet can handle the right tools to repair the intelligent machines.

Single seater seats capable of top speed in excess of 3000 m.p.h., they are the main strike aircraft of Spectrum. Flown by Angels, always ready to take off.

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