Captain Scarlet - 3D Tabletop Photography using Webcam and RPi

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tabletop machine
The tabletop machine

One should take into consideration that all stereopics on this page are taken with a Logitech C920 webcam using base and focus bracketing. The camera movement is driven by a Raspberryi Pi Python script applying OpenCV. The image depicts a prototype with the ball screw linear slide, the step motor driver and the Raspberry Pi 4. Control is provided by a GUI transferred to a host PC via VNC.

Viewing the Stereoscopic Picture

If you click in the image thumbnails, the link guides you to the HTML5 viewer from Masuji Suto. In this viewer you can select your own stereo format and 2D as well. It is possible to navigate through all images using the NEXT or PREVIOUS button.

If you are familiar with free viewing, while not using parallel or cross format.

You can download the stereo image editorStereophoto Maker SPM or the OS independent software sView Both are free ware. The downloaded stereopics can than be viewed on your private platform.

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